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With over 17 years of professional holistic lice removal service experience, UkuBusters TM is here to effectively eliminate your head lice ( uku ) infestation. 
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Also, my name is Karen and I am a holistic head lice removal specialist (with no pesticides) with over 19 years experience curing people of head lice.
(Please see About Us for media coverage in Print and TV and abit of my story of having a chronic infestation that I just could not get rid of, that lead me to this most helpful profession)

Empowering people to be able to cure themselves or their families in the future is also what I am about!

I can help  in a variety of ways:  (Scroll down )
Lice removal Appointment      Phone Appointment       Ebook              
                                                                                               School /Daycare Services


UKuBusters Head Lice Removal Appointment
Rate : $45 an hour  
(minimum  appointment is 2 hours) plus:

              $20 Laundry flat fee
              $7 dollars extra per person  screened for lice or at the appointment

               *Possible travel fee if outside of Kapaa 
Appointment includes my useful ebook "Head lice Made Easy" and take home printed materials
Minimum appointment cost is $45 x 2 hours $90 plus $20 set up = $110 plus GET tax
At least of one of our provided nit combs ( $15) is also needed.    
Payment : Cash or credit cards.

What can take a parent months to do, can be done in 2 to 3 hours with my know how, professional grade equipment and experience.  Learn how it's done right the first time. ( You will save hundreds of wasted dollars on store bought combs and pesticide lice shampoos, etc, if you come directly to Ukubusters first rather than last)

The professional grade equipment is also available for purchase.
I believe in maximum efficiency, so at your professional head lice removal appointment I help multiple family members at the same time. It's an Uku Party!
 I am based on Kapaa Kauai (no longer Princeville) and service other Islands.      Be done with lice, Book Today! 



Phone Consultation with Karen  ( fast and extremely useful) 
Find out what to do and what not to do. Avoid tens of hours or months of frustration, tears, cleaning, pesticides, huge electric and water bills. 
Each phone consultation is 30 minutes

ebook "Head lice Made Easy"



 Ebook  Head Lice Made Easy   

Nit Kits       (call for pricing) 


Head lice SCREENING for schools/daycares/camps

$45 an hour ( 2.5 hours minimum)    Plus $30 set up.  Travel Fee may apply

Educational Presentations :

Public Education Presentations

How to beat head lice Quickly and Safely Parent How to Demo 
$145 for up to 15 people (1.5 to 2 hours) Includes Q & A       
$245 for 15 to 30 people (1.5 to 2 hours)  Includes Q & A      

Principal or PTA Help : Phone consultation $30 for 3o minutes

Principal or PTA Help : Includes School Guidance, Training of Staff and Volunteering "NitPatrol" parents or staff on best practices including how to avoid common nit or head lice Mis-identification
145 for up to 7 people (1.5 to 2 hours) Includes Q & A  

BEST Practice Follow Class with Lice Screening with Volunteers 
$45 an hour ( 2.5 hours minimum)
( 2 Magnification visors provided for use for the volunteers)

Nit Kits will be available for purchase including the Magnification Visors and the nit combs

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