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Our History

I have been providing holistic head lice removal service and education since 1997.

  • 1997 founded LiceBusters TM  Canada  in Toronto, Canada
  • 2000 founded UkuBusters   

I started helping families with head lice in Toronto, Canada in 1997 after an ongoing nightmare of head lice in my own hair in 1991 and 1996.  It was a nightmare that just would not go away, no matter what pesticide I used or home remedy. 

In 1997, a Toronto neighbor named Eve, ( I'm not joking) asked me help her get rid of head lice out of her own hair, and I discovered my passion and calling of service to humanity. (Helping her, I discovered what tool was necessary to conquer head lice ). I'd love to tell you the whole story of how it came to be, at your appointment, if you ask.) 

  •  Featured in City TV news, Canada AM, Global's W5, David Sukuki's Tv show on parasites that infest humans 
  • National newspaper and magazines including The Chicago Tribune, The National Post, Homemakers Magazine, The Toronto Star, The Sun,  Kauai People magazine, Canadian Living Magazine, Hawaii Parent
I am very proud of my work and ability to provide caring, and effective help for families or individuals suffering with head lice. 

We have an established track record of successfully curing individuals and families of head lice since 1997.  ( over 2,000 families) 

Most of my clients come from word of mouth

From a nurse :  “Karen, You are the ‘Uku Fairy! Thank you so much. It was a chronic problem with one of my children. I had tried everything suggested and nothing worked. It wasn’t until you came and “did your thing” that we were cured. We have been free of the problem ever since your appointment.Thank Goodness you exist. 
I highly recommend you.” Donna Farley, C.N.M. Nurse Midwife

"You are a lifesaver!"

" I want to climb on the roof and shout "UkuBusters! Call her first!"

"You are wonderful!  My daughter had ukus for three years, and had thousands of nits. I felt so bad for her, and SHE felt terrible. Nobody wanted to come near her. She was badly ridiculed at school. At the end of the one nit removal appointment with you, she had NONE.  I wish I had known about you first!  The suffering she and I went through was completely unnecessary. 
Every parent needs to know that you are a great answer to head lice. 
I spent three years fighting lice and you cured her in an afternoon.  It really is amazing. Thank you for showing me how it’s done.
My daughter is smiling now!”  Mary T. Oahu

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